General Dentistry Marketing

Increase Your General Dentistry Revenue for Root Canals, Crowns & More

Your general dental practice has its own identity. It has specific traits that make it singular and unique. Because every dental company has its own unique dentists, services and local market, no two practices are alike. In order for patients in your area to find you, your identity needs to be visible, which means that your marketing campaign needs to be specifically tailored to your local market. For general dentistry services, this might include highlighting some of your biggest moneymakers, such as:

A great dental marketing campaign starts with a great site. No amount of online marketing will be very successful if you drive all your traffic to a poorly designed, nonfunctional website. If your site is not professional, not mobile friendly nor easy to use, or if it lacks solid information or a strong call to action, people won’t spend their time on it and write your business off. They’ll just keep browsing other sites, raise your bounce rate, and all the time and money you spent getting them to your website will be for nothing. Essentially pushing them into your competitors’ chairs.

But once you have a bold, effective site in place are you ready to drive potential patients to it en masse. No single marketing technique will necessarily accomplish this on it’s own. You need a variety of techniques working in tandem so that people will find your general dentistry site. Staggering these techniques will give you the best results, and the greatest opportunity to reach new patients. We offer highly diversified campaign strategies with a wide variety of elements to ensure that your dental practice will grow, and become more profitable, while maintaining customer loyalty.

At Tag Dental Marketing (TDM), we have extensive web design and marketing experience. With bold, creative site design with strong SEO and a highly diversified advertising campaign (online marketing and traditional), we can secure a high market share for your practice on Google, Yahoo & Bing, social media such as Facebook & Pinterest, and mobile app searches like Yelp & Map Quest in your area… all maximizing your visibility in the community. Also, with paid search marketing, we can use targeted ads to lower your customer acquisition costs (CPC) and drive more clientele to your dental offices. Together, we can get your general dentistry practice noticed and push your success beyond what you ever thought possible.